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Coastal RSM Plan Development, Santa Cruz Littoral Cell

The Santa Cruz Littoral Cell Coastal RSM Plan (CRSMP) is currently being developed to assist government entities, municipalities, stakeholders, and the general public in developing strategies for beneficial use of sediments within the coastal region from Pillar Point to Moss Landing. The Plan's purpose is to provide sufficient information for local and regional coastal decision makers to develop policies and/or execute management sub-plans for the future vitality of beaches and shoreline areas within the Santa Cruz Littoral Cell.

The target date for completion of the plan is December 2014. As of May 2013, the following tasks are completed or underway:

  • USACE in-house subject experts have completed a preliminary assessment of physical conditions (wave directions, currents, etc.) and coastal erosion processes in the Plan area. This assessment includes a preliminary list of Beach Erosion Concern Areas (BECAs), and a discussion of potential erosion mitigation measures. This assessment is currently under review by CSMW staff.
  • USACE in-house experts are also collecting data related to environmental concerns (critical species and habitats), economic data (tourism, beach use, potential funding streams, etc.), and sediment (potential sources, needs, locations, quantities, dredging statistics etc.).
  • The datasets generated by these tasks are being compiled into spatial layers, which will allow for inclusion of this data into CSMWs GIS database as appropriate for visualization and ease of use by coastal decision makers.

In addition, CSMW is working to partner with the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (MBNMS) to conduct governance and outreach activities. Outreach and governance efforts will initiate once the arrangement between CSMW (via USACE) and MBNMS has been formalized.

Tasks to be completed from summer 2013 to fall 2014 include:

  • Stakeholder and public coordination through a Public Outreach Program consisting of mailings, website postings and meetings,
  • Develop a list of technical advisors and reviewers and involve them in the preparation of the CRSMP,
  • Coordination with both the MBNMS and Gulf of Farallones National Marine Sanctuary to address governance issues related to Plan implementation,
  • Pursue alternatives allowing for placement of clean sand within Sanctuary boundaries, and formulate a acceptable pilot beach nourishment program for Surfer’s Beach or other location within the Santa Cruz Littoral Cell, and
  • Incorporation of all strategies into a Coastal RSM Plan specific to the Santa Cruz Littoral Cell

CSMWs points of contact for the project include James Zoulas (USACE) and Brad Damitz (MBNMS). Clif Davenport, CSMW project manager can also be contacted for general information.