2008 California Boating Safety Statistics

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  1. Exhibit II-1: California Boating Accident Statistics 1999-2008
  2. Exhibit II-2: 2008 California Registered Vessels and Boating Accidents by County
  3. Exhibit II-3: California Boating Accidents, Injuries, and Fatalities by Location 2007-2008
  4. Exhibit II-4: Vessels Involved in all Accidents by Type
  5. Exhibit II-5: Accidents by Vessel Type from 2004-2008
  6. Exhibit II-6: Vessels Involved in all Accidents by Length
  7. Exhibit II-7: Type of Accidents
  8. Exhibit II-8: Type of Accident by Vessel Type
  9. Exhibit II-9: Accidents Involving Towing Sports
  10. Exhibit II-10a: Cause of Accident
  11. Exhibit II-10b: Cause of Accident by Type of Vessel
  12. Exhibit II-11: Operation at Time of Accident
  13. Exhibit II-12: Accidents by Month
  14. Exhibit II-13: Accidents by Day of the Week
  15. Exhibit II-14: Accidents by Time of Day
  16. Exhibit II-15: Operators Involved in all Accidents by Age
  17. Exhibit II-16: Accidents Involving Youth Operators
  18. Exhibit II-17: Ownership Status of Vessels Involved in Accidents
  19. Exhibit II-18: Rented Vessels Involved in Accidents by Type
  20. Exhibit II-19: Fatalities by Type of Accident
  21. Exhibit II-20: Fatalities by Cause of Accident
  22. Exhibit II-21: Fatalities by Operation at Time of Accident
  23. Exhibit II-22: Fatalities by Month
  24. Exhibit II-23: Fatalities by Day of the Week
  25. Exhibit II-24: Fatalities by Time of Day
  26. Exhibit II-25: Fatalities by Accident Location
  27. Exhibit II-26: Types of Vessels Involved in Fatal Accidents
  28. Exhibit II-27: Fatalities by Length of Vessel
  29. Exhibit II-28: Operators Involved in Fatal Accidents by Age
  30. Exhibit II-29: Fatalities by Age of Victim
  31. Exhibit II-30: Fatalities by Type of Activity and Life Jacket Usage
  32. Exhibit II-31: Fatalaties by Cause of Death
  33. Exhibit II-32: Location of Fishing Fatalities--1995-2008
  34. Exhibit II-33: Fishing Fatalities--Specific Areas--1995-2008
  35. Exhibit I-2: Boating Fatality Comparison
  36. Glossary