1999 California Boating Safety Report

State of California, The Resources Agency

Division of Boating and Waterways

Gray Davis, Governor
State of California

Mary D. Nichols
Secretary for Resources

Carl D. Moore, Interim Director
Division of Boating and Waterways

May 2000

Dear Boating Enthusiast:

California ranks second nationally in the number of registered vessels. As crowded waterways lead to an increased chance of accidents, it is not surprising that California also ranks second in the number of boating accidents. Because of this, it is important to provide the boating public with the best information possible to provide for their safety.

The Division of Boating and Waterways' 1999 California Boating Safety Report provides a summary of boating safety programs administered by the Department. These programs cover many areas, including boating accident statistics, law enforcement financial support and training, and safety education. They are designed to support the Department's mission to protect the public's right to safe and enjoyable boating.

A primary focus of this publication is the analysis of boating accidents that occurred in 1999. This information is compiled to help us direct our efforts to reduce the number of boating accidents, injuries, and fatalities on California's waterways.

Operator inexperience is the most common cause of accidents. Many accidents and fatalities occurred because operators did not know even basic safety information. To combat this, the Department promotes boating safety through law enforcement and safety educational programs which involve essential, direct interaction with the boating community.

For more information about this report, or other accident statistics, please contact Amy Rigby at (916) 327-1848, or by e-mail (Amy.Rigby@parks.ca.gov).


Carlton Moore
Interim Director