2015 Water Hyacinth Control Program

March 4th, 2015

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The California Department of Parks and Recreation, Division of Boating and Waterways is conducting herbicide treatments to control water hyacinth in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Region.

The following information is subject to change based on governmental requirements, weather conditions, plant growth, waterway traffic, fish presence surveys and other conditions.

Treatment Period
Area 2-4: Mar. 4th, 2015 – Nov. 30, 2015
Area 1: June 1, 2015 – Nov. 30, 2015

Treatment Area
Selected areas of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Region. See map for treatment sites.

Herbicides Being Used
Glyphosate or 2,4-D
(Herbicides are registered for aquatic use with California Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Pesticide Regulation.)

None required.

Contact Information

To report sightings or for more information regarding the control program, please see DBW’s website at www.dbw.parks.ca.gov or call 888-326-2822, or email at ais@parks.ca.gov.