June 9, 2003

Boating and Waterways Commission Approves $3,515,000 in Boating Facility Projects

The California Boating and Waterways Commission today approved three Department of Boating and Waterways loan projects and one grant project for improvements to boating facilities around the state. The approved projects are:

Contra Costa County - Orwood Resort Marina

A $1,071,000 Department of Boating and Waterways loan to Orwood Resort, Inc., was approved, for improvements to the Orwood Resort Marina, located in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta near Brentwood.

The proposed project includes the construction of 153 dry storage units for boats, grading and paving of the site, utilities, a fire suppression/security system, and storm drainage.

Monterey County - Breakwater Cove Marina

A $265,000 Department loan to Monterey Bay Boatworks Co. Ltd. was approved, for a project to reconfigure the Breakwater Cove Marina fueling dock. The project will provide safer egress and ingress for larger craft as well as a safe maneuvering area for craft using the adjacent boat launching ramp.

San Diego County - Sun Harbor Marina

A Department loan of $1,875,000 to Sun Harbor Marina was approved, the first-phase of a proposed $3,165,000 project to improve the marina, located in northwestern San Diego Bay in San Diego.

The proposed project will include the construction of new berths, a marina building, a promenade, and storage lockers; repaving the parking area; repairing a seawall; and adding landscaping.

Santa Clara County - Alviso Marina County Park Boat Launching Facility

A Department grant of $304,000 to the County of Santa Clara was approved for the first phase of a $2,208,000 project to improve the Alviso Marina County Park Boat Launching Facility.

The proposed project will include dredging of the new boat launching ramp basin; construction of a new two-lane concrete boat launching ramp and boarding float, a new parking area, an access road, surface drainage, and slope protection; and extension of electrical power lines to the parking area; installation of security lighting for the ramp and parking area; and wetland mitigation and monitoring.

Department loans and grants require the consent of the Boating and Waterways commission. The seven-member commission, appointed by the Governor, also advises the Department on matters within its jurisdiction. Funding for the projects is derived from the taxes paid by boaters on the purchase of gasoline for their vessels.