January 9, 2003

Boating and Waterways Commission Approves $6,798,000 in Boating Facility Projects

At a meeting on January 9 in Sacramento, the California Boating and Waterways Commission approved three Department of Boating and Waterways loan projects for improvements to boating facilities around the state. The approved projects are:

Los Angeles County - Basin 4, Alamitos Bay

The City of Long Beach will receive a Department of Boating and Waterways initial loan for project design and engineering in the amount of $2 million for a proposed $8,250,000 project to improve Basin 4 on Alamitos Bay.

The project includes dredging the marina, demolishing 239 existing berths and constructing 234 new berths, repaving the existing parking area, and constructing a new restroom.

The existing facilities at Basin 4, originally constructed in 1960, include 239 boat slips, a 329 space parking area, and a restroom. The Boating and Waterways Commission previously consented to loans totaling $4,288,000 to the City of Long Beach for improvements to the Alamitos Bay marinas (excluding Basin 4).

Mariposa County - Lake McClure

The Merced Irrigation District will receive a Department of Boating and Waterways loan of $767,000 to improve the McClure Point Recreation Area on Lake McClure. Lake McClure is located in the northwest corner of Mariposa County, on the eastern side of the San Joaquin Valley in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas. The McClure Point Recreation Area is located on the west side of the lake.

The existing facilities at the McClure Point Recreation Area include a marina with 48 slips, 24 houseboat berths, 91 offshore houseboat moorings, boat rentals, a fuel dock, a boat launching ramp, a parking area, a sewage pumpout, and a food and sundry store. The recreation area is operated by a concessionaire through a management agreement with the Merced Irrigation District.

This project entails the construction of 24 additional houseboat berths, 108 offshore houseboat moorings, and a wave attenuator.

San Diego County - National City Marina

The San Diego Unified Port District will receive a loan from the Department of Boating and Waterways of $4,031,000, for the second phase of $11 million in department funding for an $18.2 million project to construct the National City Marina.

An additional $7.2 million in funding for the project will be provided by the San Diego Unified Port District and the City of National City, ($4.2 million of Port funds and $3 million of City funds).

The site of the proposed National City Marina lies within the City of National City on the Sweetwater Flood Control Channel approximately 3/4 miles inland of the San Diego Bay. The site is bordered on the north and east by the City of National City, on the south by the City of Chula Vista, and on the west by San Diego Bay.

The project includes the construction of a 229 concrete berth marina, both standard-access and barrier-free access gangways, a 192-space parking area, a harbormaster's building, a restroom, dock utilities, a fuel dock, slope protection, security gates, public access pathways, landscaping, irrigation, signs, and ancillary items.

The San Diego Unified Port District and the City of National City will be funding the dredging of the marina basin, and the installation of pilings, dock communications (telephone, cable, and computer), and storm drains with oil/grease interceptors.

Two-hundred thousand cubic yards have currently been excavated from the marina basin. The Port will award the dredging contract in February 2003 for the remainder of the marina basin excavation (approximately 400,000 cubic yards).

Department loans require the consent of the Boating and Waterways commission. The seven-member commission, appointed by the Governor, also advises the Department on matters within its jurisdiction. Funding for the projects is derived from the taxes paid by boaters on the purchase of gasoline for their vessels.