Public Information Office

The Public Information Office performs a critical role in boating safety education, by responding to telephone inquiries from both the public and the news media, as well as distributing written and audio-visual public information products. In 1996, DBW created this Website, to make available via the Internet news and information on boating safety and education, boating law, and the Division and its programs. From the Division's Homepage, coastal boaters and surfers can also access the Coastal Data Information Program page, and see real-time wave height data for the Southern California coast and other weather and climate information. DBW's e-mail address is

DBW produces public service announcements and distributes them to television stations statewide. The PSAs can be viewed on the Division's Website, and topics include keeping a sharp lookout, wearing life jackets, and watching the alcohol while boating.

DBW publishes 50 free boating safety publications, distributing more than a million copies of these publications to the public each year.

In 1999, the Division published a new pamphlet, A Consumer's Guide to Boating Lake Tahoe. This publication was a cooperative effort among DBW, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, and the State of Nevada to inform boaters about boating restrictions on lakes in the Tahoe region.

For non-motorboating, DBW publishes boating trail guides. Each guide provides a map of the river and information on safety and access, as well as information on local regulations, history and activities such as fishing and camping. A Boating Trail Guide to the Wild and Scenic Smith River was produced with the assistance of the U.S. Forest Service, Six Rivers National Recreation Area. A Boating Trail Guide to the Upper and Lower Kern River was produced with expert help from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service.

The Public Information Office prepared and distributes news releases concerning boating safety, Boating and Waterways Commission approval of boating facility projects, and other relevant boating news.

Boating safety films, videos and slide presentations are available on a loan basis at no cost to educators or individuals. The 60 titles in this library cover subjects ranging from rescue procedures to general water safety