2017 Marine Law Enforcement Training Registration


  • All course registrations must be submitted through the Marine Law Enforcement Training Program registration webpage.
  • A complete and accurate POST ID must be submitted at the time of registration. Registration requests will not be granted without submission of your POST ID. This applies to non-sworn officers as well. If you do not have a POST ID, one can be obtained by calling the POST EDI Help Desk at (877) 275-5872.
  • Registrations are limited to (2) persons per agency per class. Registration requests in excess of the (2) person limit will automatically be added to the wait list and will only be added to the roster pending availability.
  • All registration requests must have supervisor/Training Coordinator approval and must be submitted
    by the supervisor/Training Coordinator
  • Complete and accurate registration information is required for processing your registration request
    (e.g. correct email address, direct phone numbers - not dispatch, etc).
  • Inaccurate or incomplete information will be cause for your request to be denied.
  • Admission to some law enforcement training classes requires the completion of prerequisites. Please refer
    to the course descriptions in the Training Calendar to ensure the participant is qualified for the course.

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