Boating Law Enforcement Training Program

A law enforcement official administer a bui test.The California Boating and Waterways Boating Law Enforcement Training Program provides training courses statewide to law enforcement officers, lifeguards, harbor patrol officers, and others that work in a marine patrol environment.  Statewide training ensures uniform enforcement of boating laws on all California’s waterways.  With more than 100 local government agencies providing boating law enforcement in California, the Training Program’s purpose is to provide comprehensive, effective and up-to-date training courses with reliable consistency.

DBW training courses are designed to accommodate all levels of boating skills.  Fundamental basics for new boat patrol officers include: Boating Safety and Enforcement, Boating Under the Influence, Basic Boat Handling, and Basic Accident Investigation and Reconstruction. 

More advanced courses for experienced boat patrol officers include: Introduction to Personal Watercraft for Law Enforcement, Piloting and Navigation, Marine Fires, and Advanced Accident Investigation and Reconstruction. 

All DBW training courses are certified by the California State Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST)*.  Peace officers who have successfully completed a DBW training course may receive reimbursement for costs in accordance with POST Plan IV.  Individuals who are not peace officers but work in a boat patrol unit, such as lifeguards and harbor patrol officers, may receive reimbursement for costs associated with attending DBW training courses through the Boating Safety and Enforcement Trainee Grant Program.  Those individuals must be employed by an agency that has entered into a MOU for non-POST employees with DBW. Individuals who are qualified P.O.S.T employees may be reimbursed for expenses related to attending training courses not currently reimbursed by P.O.S.T. Those individuals must be employed by an agency that has entered into a "MOU for POST reimbursable officers" with DBW.   Reimbursement rates are in accordance with POST Plan IV.  The grant program reimburses for actual expenses for lodging, per diem, mileage, etc. 

Boating safety officers wishing to attend a DBW course must be assigned to a marine patrol unit and must meet the prerequisites listed in the course description(s) in the Training Calendar.

For further information on the DBW Boating Law Enforcement Training Program, please contact:

Brian Carroll
(916) 327-1835
One Capitol Mall, Suite #500
Sacramento, CA 95814