Additional CA Water Code Restrictions for Diamond Valley Lake and Lake Skinner

DVL and Lake Skinner are drinking source reservoirs and, therefore no body contact is allowed. To comply with the "no-body-contact" requirement, the public must observe the following restrictions:

  1. No PWCs of any type are allowed.
  2. Boats shall not pull individuals or any recreational equipment (e.g., inner tubes, skis, boards, etc.).
  3. All boats must be a minimum of 12 feet in length, minimum of 42 inches wide, and must have at least 12 inches of freeboard at idle speed.
  4. Multi-hulled vessel without solid and fixed decking shall not be allowed.
  5. Only sea kayaks at least 10 feet in length that provide seating for all passengers inside the craft. Rolling over kayaks is prohibited
  6. Boats with sink drains and flush toilets must have the sinks and toilets rendered inoperable, or designed so that no waste can be discharged into the lake. Dye tablets may be added by lake personnel to test for leaks