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See the Shopping Clean & Green display. [in PDF]

Countertop Displays

Research conducted by the California Coastal Commission’s Boating Clean and Green Campaign revealed that the most popular location that boaters choose to seek information about boat maintenance and boating practices is the marine supply shop.

The Commission developed the Shopping Clean and Green Displays, with funding from the California Integrated Waste Management Board. These displays are designed to provide useful product information that can help boaters recycle used oil and reduce oil and fuel discharges from their boats.  The displays contain a front pocket, which are filled with the FREE plastic wallet-sized information cards. The cards provide 800 numbers for boater information about waste disposal and reporting spills.

The displays were developed in two sizes, a vertical 8?” x 14” easel and a horizontal 5” x 16” easel.  They were produced in these two sizes in order to provide different formats to fit into differently sized display areas.  Marine supply shop managers can choose where to display these easels, but we recommend hanging or standing them on shelves near the oil-related products (motor oil, oil change equipment, absorbent pads, or fuel spill prevention devices).  To hang them, store managers will have to insert hole punches.

Each display includes 4 pieces:

1.     The vertical or horizontal cardboard easel

2.     The cardboard pocket

3.     Plastic information cards

4.     A cover sheet with instructions for the marine supply shop  


?       PLEASE NOTE: West Marine Stores have already posted these displays.

?       Bring these to local marine supply shops and chandleries…anywhere that boaters might shop for oil-absorbent pads, oil change equipment, or fueling devices.

?       We will provide you with instructions for the store manager and all the pieces of the display. Help them determine where these displays might best be located in the store and give them a choice of sizes (vertical or horizontal). If they are willing to post more than one, give them an adequate supply, if you have enough.


To order these materials from the Boating Clean and Green Campaign call 1(800) COAST4U
or e-mail Vivian Matuk (

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