Life Jackets for General Boating
Today's life jackets may not be what you think — many are lightweight, easy to move in, and come in many sizes, styles, and shapes for every person and every sport. There are even ones for pets! Click on a jacket to find out more about it and get tips on proper fit. Click here for life jackets that are best for angling and hunting.

auto inflatable life jacket manual inflatable life jacket Belt Pack Inflatable Vest-type Flotation Aid
Auto Inflatable
for general recreational boating
Manual Inflatable
for general recreational boating
Belt Pack Inflatable
for general recreational boating
Flotation Aid

for personal watercraft, waterskiing, and water sports
Vest Type Offshore Vest
Vest Type
for general recreational boating
Offshore Vest
for offshore boating and racing

The U. S. Coast Guard requires recreational vessels to have a wearable life jacket for each person aboard. These life jackets must be:
  • U. S. Coast Guard approved
  • The proper size for the intended wearer
  • In good and serviceable condition
  • Properly stowed (readily accessible)
All persons under 13 years of age in a boat 26 feet or less while underway on the waters of California shall wear a United States Coast Guard-approved personal flotation device.

Note: Boating out-of-state? There may be a different age requirement. Check with that state's boating authorities before heading out on the water.

The U.S. Coast Guard has more life jacket information here.

National Safe Boating Council
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U.S.Coast Guard