Boating Trails Program

2 people paddling on a canoe.

Under the Boating Trails Act, DBW is authorized to pursue activities, which will increase opportunities for recreational boating on designated waterways through the study and identification of recreational resources and potential boating trail routes. The Division is responsible for the Boating Trails Element of the Recreational Trails Plan and is authorized to render assistance to governmental agencies to implement the Boating Trails Plan.

DBW continues to study potential whitewater river use and flow needs; works with local river managers in the publication of river trail maps; funds the development of river access sites; and participates in the review of proposed hydroelectric and other projects which might impact recreational boating. The Division also attends hydro relicensing meetings and comments on the licensing of hydroelectric projects under the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission where boating is effected. The Department published a new boating trail guide in this biennium, A Boating Trail Guide to the Upper and Lower Kern River. Other boating trail guides available from the Division include:

Recent completed projects that the Division funded include:

  • Slippery Rock Access on the Kern River, $70,000
  • A second phase of the Big Flat Access on the Trinity River, $75,000
  • Santa Cruz Harbor Small Craft Access, $50,000
  • Rocky Point & Sluice Box Accesses on the Klamath River, $38,000
  • The Pigeon Point Access on the Trinity River, $261,400
  • The First Street Access on Moro Bay, $81,268
  • The Hume Lake Access, $22,332 Nimbus Flat Access, $108,400
  • The Salton Sea Boating Trail, $91,600
  • Howe Avenue Ramp/Access on the Lower American River, $53,600
  • Greenwood Access on the South Fork American River, $130,000
  • Turtle Bay Access on the Sacramento River, $130,000
  • Granite Access on the Kern River, $145,000
  • Boat Ramp Street Access on the San Francisco Bay, Richmond, $51,000
  • Lake Chabot Access, Lake Chabot, $54,000
  • Friant Cove, on the San Joaquin River, $50,000
  • Middle Bar Access on the Mokelumne River, $44,000

Public Trust Doctrine

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